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Wonder Woman was just as strong as any of the male heroes.

The fact that men were always viewed as the dominant one in the real world, having a female heroine who was independent meant times was changing.

The first way that Wonder Woman influenced Steinem was by instilling independence in her.

Comic books were the first things Steinem was able to buy on her own. Buying something without a grownup holding their hands would make any kid feel somewhat powerful and independent.

From that time forward, Steinem would devote much of her time and energy to furthering the cause of “reproductive freedom” and spoke at rallies around the country, recruiting women for the cause.

She was a major catalyst in the movement’s long-term success and provided a strong voice in the ongoing struggle through Ms.

With comic books; Steinem was able to teach herself to read since she wasn’t going to school regularly due to her parent’s constant traveling. Comics back then were always starring a male superhero saving a helpless female.

Reading Wonder Woman comics gave a sense of hope for the female community.

Wonder Woman fought her own battles and never depended on a man for anything and she states, “I can never love a dominant man” (344).

Wonder Woman was all about teaching women self respect and not being dependent on a man, so Steinem no longer felt that she needed a man for anything.


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