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Winds push horizontally against the sea surface and drive ocean current patterns.Besides that, the oceans also play an important role of the concentration of carbon dioxide.

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The sulphur dioxide gas will reach the upper level of the atmosphere.

The tiny particles, dusts and ashes will block the incoming sun rays and this will leads to cooling at the atmosphere.

Another main cause that leads to climate changes is human activities. Many vegetation areas were cleared to become houses or factories for industries.

From the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution saw the large-scale use of fossil fuels for industrial activities. Natural resources are being used extensively for construction, industries, transport, and consumption.

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Because of this, we must take action as soon as possible to try to solve this problem or to prevent the more serious of climate changes occur.

I’m interested in this topic because the climate changes in our country or this world are too serious and it’s interesting to discuss and try to fix the problem.


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