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When she tells nonscientific audiences that researchers “for the most part don’t study female animals, people are blown away,” she said.She added: “It seems like such an obvious thing to a normal person.

This notion leads to many women not receiving the property from their families – which they have the right to inherit by law.

Through her ‘Property Inheritance’ initiative, Rina is directly challenging preconceived gender roles in Kosovo.

She is a volunteer at Youth Initiative Human Rights and a local coordinator in Drenas as part of Peer Educators Network.

But even for driven girls like Rina, traditional gender roles can be very harmful.

Would you want to take it if you knew that the drug had only been tested on men and male animals?

Rebecca Shansky, a neuroscientist at Northeastern University in Boston, thinks you might not.Women make up about half of the population, but female animals make up a far smaller percentage of biomedical research subjects.In neuroscience studies, males outnumbered females nearly six to one. Shansky and others say this is a public health issue because women are more vulnerable to mood or anxiety disorders like major depression or post traumatic stress than men.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Being a girl in Kosovo’s patriarchal society is not easy.At the same time, men are more vulnerable to autism and attention deficit disorder.Men and women may express symptoms of these conditions differently.She knows that many people in her society think women should be caregivers, good wives, and mothers, who work tirelessly to take care of their families inside and outside of the home.One of the most visible negative results of these ingrained gender roles is the deep segregation of professions in Kosovo.Alarmingly, most of them said that they find no reason for why it’s important to have a property under their name.Their responses showed Rina and her friends the severity of the issue and motivated them to apply to UPSHIFT.


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