Forever Living Product Business Plan

There was also a bit of controversy over Forever Living’s original seagull-themed logo, with author Richard Bach successfully suing Forever Living for I couldn’t find any specific information pertaining to a settlement, however Forever Living did change their logo from the seagull to the current eagle design they use today.

Those two legal issues aside, Forever Living Products recorded $2.5 billion USD in revenue for the year 2010.

Other companies pay a similar bonus, but it is usually based on the wholesale price, or on a figure that is less than wholesale.

In the Forever opportunity, all our bonuses are based on retail. Com offers no value judgments, either pro or con, regarding the Companies.

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Based out of the US state of Arizona, Forever Living Products is headed up by Founder and CEO, Rex Maughan.

Maughan (right) came from a real-estate, accounting and construction background prior to launching Forever Living Products, but has remained with the company since launch.

Some of these products include nutritional drinks, bee products, weight management products, personal and skin care, among others.

Discussion of Opportunity Prospective distributors can begin with the company without having to pay membership fees, monthly fees, or being required to buy.


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