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Consequently, the contribution of rural sector to the revenues of the Govt. The Chief Minister’s Conference on resource mobilisation held in Oct. 1972 to examine the question of agricultural wealth and income from all aspects. 1971 recommended the appointment of an expert committee to examine the Centre’s proposal to link income tax with agricultural income tax.

Consequently, the contribution of rural sector to the revenues of the Govt. The Chief Minister’s Conference on resource mobilisation held in Oct. 1972 to examine the question of agricultural wealth and income from all aspects.

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Production and marketable surplus have to increase to meet the needs of non-agricultural sector and also to occupy an increasing proportion of the economy’s man power.

It is thus clear that an increase in agricultural taxation is recommended and sought to be justified on the ground of raising marketable surplus from agricultural sector.

Accordingly, the Central Government appointed the Committee on Taxation of Agricultural Wealth and Income under the chairmanship of Dr.

David Cameron speaks compellingly about international aid.

At this stage, it is prudent to encourage it through all possible preferential treatment in the form of taxes.

(2) The Cialisation commerce of agriculture in terms of scientific farming of economy holdings has started but it has not gone far enough to transform the basic situation.In the present circumstances the traditional agricultural taxation has become outmoded and a system of progressive taxation of farm income should be evolved.It will rectify to some extent the regressive character of our tax system.We wholeheartedly agree and were flattered to see the Prime Minister tell this magazine that he is ‘obsessed’ by our book on the subject, Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty.But diagnosing a problem is one thing; fixing it another.Agriculture has thus not contributed anything for economic development, even though the crude index of economic welfare of the fanning sector has been increasing.In India there is a concentration of land in a few hands and this concentration has increased in recent years.Therefore, it is a must to look for new taxes in the agricultural sector.As a consequence of large-scale public investments made- in agricultural sector, the earnings of the tillers have gone up tremendously, our subsistence agriculture is getting the shape of commercial farming.Thus richer sections of the fanners made to bear a reasonable tax burden through levying additional agricultural taxation.(1) The new agricultural strategy has had its direct impact so far on only a parts of farm land.


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