Food Supply Chain Phd Thesis

Their influence on production of health beneficial bioactive compounds or toxins, or on the overall sensory profile, will be deeply examined.The goal will be for the selected food products, e.g.coatings and grease, to find suitable alternatives to the still used partially hydrogenated fat or fat with a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, such as fully hardened fats and fats of tropical palms especially palm oil and coconut fat.1500 Da), have become an important research tool in agricultural and food science.Within the proposed Ph D Thesis, the student will study the metabolom of different agricultural plants, in dependence on interactions with various modern biological / microbiological agents (e.g.Plant biologically active compounds may have both positive and negative biological effects.Biologically active compound levels are dependent on plant species or growing conditions, but they are also influenced by storage and processing conditions.Modern technologies for enhancing food durability - ohmic heating, pulsed electric field, pascalization, drying, drying at a reduced pressure In this work fat composition in various food products will be monitored.Subsequently, the possibility of replacing fat with an unfavorable fatty acid composition, especially fat with a high content of saturated and trans-unsaturated fatty acids, which negatively affect the blood lipid profile, will be searched.The applications will be concerned with food quality, safety and authenticity evaluation.Special attention will be paid to approaches based on non-target screening (fingerprinting / profiling).


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