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Consumers become invested in bloggers largely because they view them as incredibly trustworthy and not trying to necessarily sell something for the sake of selling; they truly believe in and use the product/service being promoted.These blogs become a sense of community for readers, and readers look to them for advice on their product purchases.Advertisers and companies see how influential bloggers have become on the consumers they are trying to target. Secondary research was conducted to learn more about what fashion blogging really is, why it is important, and who are the notable people in the industry.

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This study seeks to identify the key elements of blog content that fashion bloggers must possess at a minimum to have any significant degree of influence on their readers.

Four key elements have been identified as fundamental to having and sustaining influence among blog readers, in general; (1) Trustworthiness (2) Expertise (3) Personal Relevance and (4) Authenticity.

Thus, this dissertation explores the beauty of fashion blogging in an attempt to answer the question how the fashion bloggers have influenced the fashion market through social media.

Fashion bloggers employ a variety of platforms such as Instagram, designers post commercials, and videos to emerge as the voice for different brands or fashion items, interpreting fashion from their point of view.

As readership of fashion blogs has increased, so too has their influence on ordinary people, or so one would believe.

The objective of this research is to gain a better understanding of the perceived influence of fashion bloggers through examination of several industry-recognized “influential blogs” and a survey of blog reader’s perception of influence.

This has also helped fashion blogging become a huge part of the fashion industry, with it now being viewed as a respectable facet of the industry.

These people have become hugely influential in the fashion world, having been deemed the title of product influencers.

But by focusing on only these top 20 blogs out of the Even if it has changed a lot over the last 10 years, I still think fashion blogging is more relatable than what you’d find in a fashion magazine. Both in academic literature and in the blogging community.

After doing my dissertation, I’ve come to realise that authenticity is a grey area on Instagram. Personally, I think this is just something we all have to accept and keep in mind when looking at Instagram.


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