Fahrenheit 451 Thesis

Montag finds himself wondering, are they alive or dead?In truth, in Montag's search for truth and knowledge, he is trying to give true life to his own existence and to prevent the cultural death of society. The old woman burns herself to death, Clarisse is killed by a speeding car, Montag kills Beatty with the flamethrower, and the Mechanical Hound kills an innocent man.Among all this destruction, Montag survives and is given new life, reborn after his trip down the river and after meeting Granger and taking the concoction to change his chemical balance.

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In Fahrenheit 451, owning and reading books is illegal.

Members of society focus only on entertainment, immediate gratification and speeding through life.

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People with interests outside of technology and entertainment are viewed as strange, and possible threats.

In the book, Bradbury doesn't give a clear explanation of why censorship has become so great in this futuristic society. Fast cars, loud music, and massive advertisements create an over stimulated society without room for literature, self-reflection, or appreciation of nature.Montag, in his belief that knowledge reigns, fights against a society that embraces and celebrates ignorance.The fireman's responsibility is to burn books, and therefore destroy knowledge.Although they become extremely upset after listening to what he reads, they are able to experience true emotion.In Montag's view, this emotion will give these women a fuller and more satisfying life.Through these actions, the firemen promote ignorance to maintain the sameness of society.After befriending Clarisse, Montag finds himself unable to accept the status quo, believing life is more complete, true and satisfying when knowledge is welcomed into it.Montag's interest in knowledge and dedication to a new and better society saved him.Thus, Bradbury seems to suggest that life is dependent on knowledge and awareness.Bradbury sees such suggestions and interventions as the first step towards censorship and book burning.Throughout the novel, the reader is presented with a conflict between knowledge and ignorance. Is ignorance bliss, or do knowledge and learning provide true happiness?


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