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One of the ways that you can ensure that your research paper introduction stands out is by thinking outside the box. For instance, if you are writing a paper in the humanities department, you can try and begin with anecdotes, quotations from famous people or even the life story of prominent figures.In case your research paper is based on the field of medical sciences, you could start by providing an extremely shocking fact that you are sure the majority of your potential readers aren`t aware about.

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This is mainly because writing academic papers, especially research papers, is a multi-dimensional process.The Improper Way: “Digital downloading of movies online is a wrong practice that should be fought with everything we`ve got.” Such a thesis statement leaves myriads of questions unanswered.Moreover, such a thesis statement is too precise and fails to showcase your topic`s controversy.One of the most ingenious ways of coming up with a remarkable research paper is beginning by writing the other research paper sections such as the body and conclusion followed by finalizing with the introduction.The rationale behind doing so is that it will assist you to put the finger on some of the primary points and thus enable you to add them to your introduction.With all these points in mind, we decided to craft the perfect framework that can enable any student to have a paradigm-shifting experience when it comes to crafting a research paper introduction example.The introductory paragraph in any research paper is meant to assist the readers to find out whether or not they should continue reading your paper.The best approach to do this is through leaving open-ended queries which will prompt the reader to desire to flesh out the answers by reading the rest of your research paper.In order to understand how a proper thesis statement should look like, it is essential to look at some examples.This is due to the fact that it is composed of a set of sentences that are pieced together to enable one to have a rough idea of what the research paper is all about and what to expect as they read through it.In a nutshell, if research essays could be likened to a human being, the introductory paragraph could be synonymous with his/her Curriculum Vitae.


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