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I then continued to try all sorts of self harm to get relief.I stopped self harm at age35 with a lot of work with a psychiatrist and psychologist but I am still tempted to self harm even now at age 48, life is better without self harm . I had been sexually abused for a long time and I felt it happened because I was a bad person and I deserved to be hurt. I went they college and worked professional jobs and no one ever noticed my wounds or scars.

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You have to make a commitment to helping yourself, but understand that relapse is real and doesn’t mean that you have failed or can’t stop for good.

You must face the emotions, or lack of them, responsible for you choosing these behaviours, and that can be scary.

Talk to someone, whether that is a professional, pastor or a trusted friend.

Don’t give up on yourself; you’re worth fighting for.

Two hospital stays and a therapist and a psychiatrist.

We now owe ,000, and not one of them has done any good. Her psychiatrist is still trying to get her back in the hospital. , it didn’t help the first 2 times and I owe ,000.! If this is such a big problem with today’s youth, the why isn’t there any real help!!!

I have learnt coping mechanisms and distractions for a better quality of life. Over the years I have had trauma of being raped at age 14.

At first my self harm was hitting myself and leaving bruises Later in teens I became bulimic In my teens I started cutting and burning myself w cigarettes.

The myths surrounding self-harm are abundant and I believe that one of the reasons for this is because not many people want to talk about it, but that fact is that many people are experiencing it.

Self-harm does not discriminate; it can affect anyone from any age, race, gender or background, and it is not specific to people with a diagnosis of mental illness.


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