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The only person that can save Cocoa is George, by following the instructions of Mama Day.

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Just as Cocoa begins to fall ill, a hurricane knocks out the bridge that is connected to the "outside" world, making entering or leaving the island impossible.

George and Cocoa are now stuck in Willow Springs, and forced to use the remedies available through Mama Day and the mysticism of the island rather than modern treatment.

When George finally does accompany her, being a practical minded engineer with no family history or special convictions to help him relate to the people of Willow Springs, he has a hard time believing in or understanding some of the events that take place.

When he discovers that Cocoa is dying because of a hex put on her by the deeply jealous and hateful Ruby, who is a conjure woman and Mama Day's wicked counterpart, George wants to use practical means to save her life.

In desperation, he submits to Mama Day's directions because Cocoa is near death, and he is desperate for something to help her.

In performing the ritual needed, he dies and ultimately saves Cocoa's life.Prior to returning to New York from her trip to Willow Springs, Cocoa writes a letter to George saying that she still wants the job.Mama Day intervenes and puts a mysterious substance on the envelope, which causes George to remember Cocoa and soon later recommend her to someone for another job.He also has a heart condition that he must monitor closely, which contributes to his need to regulate every aspect of his life. Ruby – Ruby is a family friend who is overweight, insecure, jealous and practices voodoo. Mama Day is a novel whose subgenres include legend, folklore, mystery, and fantasy.She uses her powers to manipulate Junior Lee into marrying her. It contains a multitude of narrative voices that include the following: 1st person plural narration – The communal voice of the people from Willow Springs is an example of this style. This voice is best described as an omniscient voice that has been around to see everything.Cocoa and George meet when Cocoa interviews for a job at George's firm.George is unable to hire Cocoa because the job starts immediately and she is obligated to visit Willow Springs every August to spend time with Mama Day and her family.It is read as if the readers are overhearing the conversation.Because of these different narrative viewpoints the novel is filled with dramatic irony.George and Cocoa begin to date and marry suddenly, but George doesn't visit Willow Springs with Cocoa for four years, during which time Cocoa never shares with him the more unusual and even supernatural aspects of Willow Springs.After several years they return to Willow Springs together.


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