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Fathman, Quinn, and Kessler (1992) point out that "language functions are specific uses of language for accomplishing certain purposes" (p. In other words, the function of language is dependent on its purpose in a given lesson. In real-life conversations, we may need to describe our weekend, explain how to get to a restaurant, or persuade a friend to help us with a project.

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In school, we teach students to write for a variety of purposes.

For example, we might ask a student to describe an animal in a report, explain how to plant a seed in a procedural manner, or persuade classmates to recycle.

Subject: Social Studies Content Objective: To understand the period of the 1920s and the women's rights movement Language Objective: To learn contractions in order to make comparisons Because students will be comparing what women could and couldn't do—and what they did and didn't do—in the 1920s, they will need the language function of comparing. The language objective is to learn contractions in order to make comparisons.

Conversational language differs from academic language. Conversational language is the informal, chatty way of talking that students use with family and friends, whereas academic language is language used at school and characterized by longer, more complex sentences that contain vocabulary less frequently heard than the vocabulary in everyday spoken English.

(We explore these concepts further in Chapter 2.) More recently, Anstrom and her colleagues (2010) delivered the 50-page Review of the Literature on Academic English: Implications for K–12 English Language Learners, which documents the research that contributes to our understanding of academic English and how it is taught and learned.

In other words, this is a complex concept and one addressed by many scholars.

Mathematics, on the other hand, focuses on generalizations and principles, using academic language such as if …

then, for instance, generally, it could be argued that, and therefore.

When teachers ask students to write for a variety of purposes and across different genres, students learn language functions.

According to Gibbons (1991), a multitude of language functions for speaking occur in the classroom each day, including the following: The term language structure refers to what students say: the phrasing, key words, and grammatical usage that students acquiring English will need in order to participate in a lesson.


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