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It may be very big (e.g., being adopted) or small (e.g., a jarring conversation at an after-school club meeting), but focus on the life lessons you learned from that experience.

“The topic doesn’t have to be heavy, like death, dying, or a debilitating illness.

It can be light and still give us an indication that you can write and effectively communicate.” Everyday experiences can be meaningful, and youdescribe how a particular difficult conversation affected your thinking about cultural differences or how collecting antique typewriters helps you see technology in a different way.

, and like a boss, you’ve been requesting transcripts, filling in your personal information, and asking for recommendation letters.

But there’s one last requirement that you’ve been dreading.

For example, in the flurry of a rough draft, you might feel attached to a particular sentence or paragraph, but after stepping away—physicallymentally—from your first effort, you might come back to find that those wonderful turns of phrase don’t really fit the content or tone of the rest of the piece.

You’ll be better able to catch those inconsistencies and revise them if you’ve given yourself distance from the essay.

Another way to get critical distance from your essay is to get criticism.

And I don’t mean a slash-and-burn review like you might get from an unreasonable reality-TV competition judge.

Or maybe you’re stressed because you know a lot rides on this part of your application but you don’t consider yourself a strong writer.

Some admission officers pore over your application; others spend only minutes reading your documents.


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