Essay Questions On The Odyssey

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The Odyssey The Odyssey is both Odysseus’s adventure story more of literal survival but also of emotional survival.

Odysseus shows many personalities of himself including, humility, hatred, anger, love, stupidity, cowardly, bravery, unfaithfulness, and reasonable, but compassion is one personality that is missing in this interesting man.

He used his wit and slyness in order to blind Cyclops and runaway.

He was very clever in telling Cyclops that his name was “Nobody” because he knew what he was going to do later on that night (223 409-414).

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Odysseus loses many men throughout this story in order to save his own life because it wasn’t meant for Athena to save them; she was only focused on saving Odysseus because of his looks.

Odysseus was determined to survive because he knew he had to get back home and kill the suitors and keep the crown.


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