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It seems to me' - dreamily; she was not alarmed - 'that you are in a muddle.1 She shook her head.

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It also takes a look at the media’s impact on the American discourse of women’s bodies, women in power and the effect of internalization of being sold the same standards of what women should be, year after year.

The influence of the media on the proliferation of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia nervosa cannot be physical proven.

“Miss Representation” is a documentary that is directed and produced by Jennifer Siebel.

She discusses Throughout history the ideal of beautiful has been difficult to achieve it has been shaped by social contexts.

"GETTING THE PICTURE" OF THE PICTURESQUE : SOME THOUGHTS ON THE GREATEST BRITISH AESTHETIC MUDDLE OF THE EIGHTEENTH AND NINETEENTH CENTURIES E. Forster was intimately convinced that the British were arch practitioners of what Mr Emerson in A Room with a View calls "a muddle."1 By muddle he meant to stigmatize their flair for leaving emotions or ideas unconnected, in a state of haze and blur.

The often-told-story of the word picturesque provides material to substantiate his argument; for the "Picturesque" is probably the greatest aesthetic muddle ever brought to bear on Continental students of landscape gardening, landscape painting and landscape writing.

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This is not to say it is a futile, insignificant aesthetic tool. the cultural importance of the Picturesque stands in direct proportion to the theoretical imprecision of its vocabulary," as Stephen Copley and Peter Garside have argued.2 Picturesque, as a word, is a problem even before one begins to consider Richard Payne Knight's and Uvedale Price's celebrated controversy, which eventually turned the picturesque into a problem.3 Indeed its source was complex (Italian, but also French), and its original definition was "a bit of a muddle"; its usage has suffered ever since from such a troubled gestation.

In 1849 Ruskin said that possibly no other word in the language had provoked such frequent and prolonged debates.4 It is for this rea- 1. Forster, A Room with a View, 1908 (1978; Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1990) 222: '"My dear, I am worried about you.


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