Essay On Why Community Service Is Good

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Taking part and volunteering teaches compassion and understanding.One of my favorite things about community service is that there are opportunities and choices right in your very neighborhood.

Last year in my life skills class my teacher often talked about community service and making a difference.

One of papers we had to write was about if we thought requiring students at a university to complete 75 hours of community service was a good idea.

Having to witness the power of community effort at a still young age will certainly make sure that the coming generations would have a world where personal needs do not completely oust the community ones.

This renewed sense of being part of the community might as well be the answer to so many social issues like crime and drug abuse that breed in the lack of social support.

As much as the modern society is advancing in the field of technology, it is increasingly ignoring the importance of human relations.

In the midst of this worrying trend there have been demands for making unpaid social service mandatory for high school students. Glancing over the immense implications to both the helper and the helped will shed light on the need and importance of this step.

To begin with, having to go through the act of social service will instill a sense of community in the students.

This is something that has gone missing in this era of social disintegration and change.

I love bringing joy and through community service I feel I can accomplish that.

I hope that this paper inspires you to go out in your community and make a difference.


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