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Music fans are investing in multiple formats to draw from the pros and cons of each experience. Every format has them, some of it is subjective, here’s my take on it: For me, if you’re going to own a physical copy of your favorite records, there’s just nothing quite like vinyl.I grew up collecting CD’s, but I was always drawn to my parents vinyl record collection.Ok, so you could just go out and buy an all-in-one record player for under 0, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so if you actually want to get any real benefit from vinyl.

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With vinyl record sales reaching a 25-year high last year, it’s clear to me there must be more to the vinyl revival than hipsters and nostalgia.

There are clearly pros and cons to any format, but in our new multi-channel era, you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

When it comes to the “warm” factor, it’s most likely that people are describing the inherent distortions in the vinyl format that result in a unique, characterful sound some people prefer.

I liken it to the sound of overdriven guitars through a real tube amp; as good as digital amp simulators get, there’s just something organic and comforting about the real sound of an all tube amp run hot.

Meanwhile older baby-boomers are embracing streaming alongside their record collections.

And, impressively, in between all that, there is still more than enough space for the CD, which remains popular both with upcoming artists, who need an attractive physical product, and consumers, who still like to gift, collect and own the recordings they love.” Very often, we see the vinyl vs digital debate as a binary choice, yet the figures published by the BPI, and the supporting comments above would appear to suggest consumers simply don’t see it this way.

There’s a lot of debate about this aspect of the vinyl sound, with many factors at play – far too many to cover within the scope of this article.

What I can say is this, there’s a lot of emotive factors at play when people talk about the supposed superior sound of vinyl.

With streaming surging by 500% since 2013, vinyl is becoming an increasingly attractive way to own a physical copy of your favorite music.

It’s a great time to be a music fan; consumers have never had easier access to the music they love, but it’s also clear the physical copy still matters.


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