Essay On Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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“Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind.

” (pg 412) Jing Mei did not understand the truth or meaning behind that declaration until after her mother’s death.

She then saw what seemed to be the prodigy side of her self.

She saw an angry powerful girl that only wanted to use that energy to resist her mother hopes for her.

Her mother is the antagonist, who is always urging Jing Mei to try new things and discover new talents.

Jing Mei feels as if her mother wants her to be something she is not.

’ Jing Mei hated the raised hopes and failed expectations.

When she looked herself in the mirror (pg 407) she saw just an ordinary face and began to cry.

It appears that Amy Tan created a story based on a relationship between mother daughter dynamics.

Jing Mei is a nine year old daughter that has potential, who at the beginning of the story was ‘even as excited as her mother to find the right prodigy.


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