Essay On The Problem Of Culture Shock

Apart from that, the receiving country can also take some efforts to be more patient while the newly arrived are still going through the immersion process.

Secondly, it is essential to respect the new culture and diversity.

Most of the immigrants do not have the proper understanding of the social, cultural, climatic and economic situations of their new locations.

Sometimes there are significant differences between the two environments.

Some of the immigrants suffer from cultural shock in their new destinations due to various reasons.

This essay will discuss educating people about the country they arrived and providing them legal protection as solutions.It seems like a small problem at the onset, but it can lead to broader psychological issues. Firstly, efforts must be taken from both sides for complete immersion of the newly arrived immigrant into the new culture.Some of the ways for immersion are to learn the local language and learn about the local food, customs, and laws.This essay discussed that awareness campaigns and legal legislation as solutions to eradicate immigrants from cultural shock.In my opinion, I believe the importance of executing these ideas as permanent solutions for this issue.Turn the original question into a topic sentence then expand your ideas by using one or two well-detailed, actual examples. Once you've done that, all you need to do is add an introduction and a conclusion.There are many different types of problems that could arise from adjusting to a new culture.An easy way to organize your ideas is to brainstorm answers to the following questions: The first step to writing this essay is to brainstorm some examples (feel free to adapt and include those posed above by other students).An easy way to organize your ideas is to brainstorm answers to the following questions: By brainstorming several answers to the above questions, you've already organized your paper into three paragraphs.To sum up, it can be said that the best way to overcome cultural shock is to start learning about the new culture before moving there.By acknowledging the difference and respecting the diversity, one can ease off the cultural shock to a great extent.


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