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In her initial press statement, Ardern had said: “Many of those directly affected may be migrants to New Zealand. They have chosen to make New Zealand their home, and it is their home.

They are us.”Although these are words of embrace and inclusion, they do not mention Muslims as the victims, even though it was already clear that the attacks were at local mosques and occurred at the time of Friday prayers.

This is not who we are.”At least 49 people were killed in attacks on two mosques in the coastal New Zealand city of Christchurch, including one mosque’s imam, with around 20 others injured.

They had gathered for the weekly Friday congregational prayer.

Other terms such as ‘white supremacist’ also don’t use the combination of ‘white terrorist’, as opposed to the common use of ‘Arab terrorist’.

The same often happens along racial lines when covering crimes in places like the United States.

The statements may have elicited reactions of consolation that an attack on Muslims was also being labelled as terrorism, but do they still have an element of hypocrisy, not by what they’ve stated, but by what they’ve left out?

Generally when a Muslim is the perpetrator of an attack, his race, origins, and religion make immediate headlines.

The Hagia Sophia will be free of minarets and Constantinople will be rightfully christian owned once more.

FLEE TO YOUR OWN LANDS, WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.”In another message addressed “To Christians”, he wrote: “The people worthy of glory, the people blessed by God Our Lord, moan and fall under the weight of these outrages and most shameful humiliations.


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