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4.1 Unified Education System the Way to Achieve National Unity Unified schools are those offering subjects in various major languages in Malaysia and do not discourage the mastering of mother tongues.In fact mother tongue languages should be encouraged among very young children; otherwise they would not know or lose sight of their real racial identity.CODESA I, the role of the labour movement in negotiations and the ANC giving up the armed struggle. Ongoing violence Attempts to derail negotiations flares up after agreements are reached. Violence continues Killing at the Helderberg Tavern.

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TOPIC 5: The coming of democracy in South Africa and coming to terms with the past Background and focus Debates around the negotiating process between the ANC and the government. Choices made in the process coming to terms with the past .

The need for negotiations – team effort on both sides.

Therefore, the Malaysian government since the independence of the country has put endless efforts towards achieving the national integration.

In general, there are three main obstacles that the country has to face and resolve.

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Concepts of Unity and Integration: 3.0 Basic Concepts of Unity and Integration 3.1 Assimilation 3.2 Amalgamation 3.3 Pluralism 3.3.1 Plural society 4.0 Challenges to National Unity and Integration 4.1 Unified Education System the Way to Achieve National Unity 4.2 Different Focus in Economic Sectors 4.3 Different Political Ideologies and Influences 5.0 The Approach and Policy to Overcome the Obstacles and Challenges 5.1 New Economic Model (NEM) 5.2 1Malaysia 5.3 National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) 6.0 Summary 7.0 References UNITY AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION 1.0 Introduction Malaysia is a unique country.

It is made up of multi-ethnic group who are living in Figure 3.1: Inter-marriage 3.3 Pluralism 3.3.1 Plural society J. Furnival:–”ethnic groups who are different not just culturally but also economically, from the point of view of settlement, politically and socially.

What was needed now was a new social contract such as a unified education system.

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Violence in the 1990s and the debates around the violence, CODESA breaks down, Record of Understanding -This dealt with a constitutional assembly, an interim government, political prisoners, hostels, dangerous weapons and mass action and restarted the negotiation process after the failure of CODESA. Multiparty negotiation process resumes Formal multi-party negotiations resumed. Inkatha Freedom Party March to Shell House and Shell House Massacre. Grade 12: Topic 5 The Road to Democracy in South Africa: A Timeline : 1990-1994 PAC and Conservative Party under Treurnichtand IFP withdrew from CODESA I.

(NB: This brought to an end the Patriotic Front) NB: At end of CODESA I, NP strongly criticised ANC for not disbanding MK and accused them of keeping MK as a ‘private army’.


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