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The staircase is symbolic of progressing through life and having the will to keep climbing.It is also a symbol for the journey we all take in life.

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She says, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” By this, she means that life has not been easy, and her journey through life has been like climbing a staircase.

As a black woman, her journey has been hard, and as she describes it, the staircase she has had to climb has “tacks in it”, “splinters”, “boards tore up”, “places with no carpet”, and is “bare”.

All peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring." In this context, the stairway takes on a new resonance that breathes hope, promise, and aspiration into the black people, who, like the oppressed ancient Israelites, are God's beloved children.

No matter how dreary and splintered her staircase is, the mother is seeing herself as one of God's angels ascending and descending it and wants her son to be on that staircase so that he too will receive God's blessing.

In “Mother to Son”, his form of writing that is used frequently, is free verse.

There is no set “form”, but he gets his point across in a very dramatic way.

The poem “Mother to Son”, by Langston Hughes, is an uplifting, hopeful poem about never giving up.

The main symbolism in the poem is when Mother compares her life to a staircase.

She wants her son to know that throughout her life has had many obstacles to overcome, and that he too is going to have to get through his own obstacles no matter how frustrating it is.

Her tone throughout the poem is stern telling the boy, “So boy, don’t turn your back (462).” The poems tone almost makes the reader believe that the mother is talking to them, almost as if I am being taught a valuable lesson.


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