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In such competitive society and the world, none of us can survive without money.

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Both have great need for a healthy life, but both have different significance in life.

We both have an urgent need, so we can not measure both of them at the same scale.

All these changes and differences are only due to money.

Money is a very important thing for a human being to live satisfactorily in his life.

If the scenario of the present time is seen, there is no doubt that, who has wealth, it is considered to be more civilized in the world.

So wealth has displayed its importance in every aspect of life.

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Money is the most basic need of life, without which no one can meet the basic needs of its daily life.

Those people who are wealthy and have wealth in society, are considered respected and respected in the society, however, a poor person is seen with a view of hatred of no good spirit.

Money enhances man's dignity in the society and creates a good image of it.


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