Essay On Influence Of Cable T.V Network In Pakistan

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CNN pioneered cable news, reporting live on events as they happened through its 24 hour coverage.Critics take particularly strong exception to the handling of the Bush administration's rhetoric leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.CNN’s own veteran reporter Christiane Amanpour characterized the behavior of the news media as "self-muzzling" and as "cheerleaders for the Bush war drive against Iraq." CNN coverage of the Iraq war has been criticized by international journalists for much the same reason. It should be noted that the bulk of the criticism is directed towards CNN domestic news broadcasts within the United States; CNN International is considered more "sober." In January 2006, CNN was banned in Iran as an expression of condemnation when CNN mistranslated a live broadcast of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.your network has shown pictures of snipers hitting Americans, which was used as a propaganda tool, so the fact is that … Representative Duncan Hunter asked The Pentagon to remove embedded CNN reporters, claiming that "CNN has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier."Despite numerous criticisms, Ted Turner's network is considered the Western standard in international news and a pioneer in its shows real sophistication on the part of these guys, because it creates the impression that Americans are sitting ducks, and that these guys are capable, when, in fact, while you have a capable enemy, they're dying in much greater numbers and suffering much greater damage. CNN was the first 24-hour news network to reach global prominence.CNN has not been immune from criticism in its production of news programming.There are many controversies and allegations of bias that have been directed at CNN (these refer to both the domestic version of CNN and CNN International): CNN has come under criticism by conservatives claiming that CNN has a liberal bias.CNN launched two specialty news channels for the American market which would later close amid competitive pressure: CNN Sports Illustrated (CNNSI) shut down in 2002, and CNNfn shut down after nine years on the air in December 2004.In 2006, reacting to the wide-spread growth of social media and user-generated content, CNN launched CNN Exchange and CNN i Report, initiatives designed to further introduce and centralize the impact of everything from blogging to citizen journalism within the CNN brand.Also, the 24-hour medium lets people receive up to date current events any time of day rather than having to wait for the evening news, as was formerly the case during the reign of network news broadcasts.CNN has inspired other such 24-hour news networks as al Jazeera and the BBC News 24.


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