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Still under the same generation, there were gangster movies that were produced such as the ; which is considered to be the first modern gangster movie.

The movie had the various elements of crime and its production was basically from a gangster’s point of view.

This was the dawn for the criminal culture and so was the rise in popularity of gangster films (Horsley par. One of the key factors that made crime genre in film industry more interesting was due to the fact that the American gangster was portrayed differently and as a result, the cinema audience got much more satisfaction in terms gangster violence and violence against the gangster himself.

This made the audiences be of the view that criminal culture and rebellion was primarily due to the repressive social change in the United States.

Unfortunately many failed because they were denied the opportunities given...

Service is excellent and forms various forms of communication all help with customer service. This meant that gangsters were respectable in the society irrespective of the unethical means of wealth acquisition (Dirks par.5) (1915); it depicted violence on the streets of New York due to a boy who was subject to social changes before becoming a gangster. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.Crime and gangster movies always exhibit a correlation in sense that they are both developed from the sinister actions that are always associated with gangsters.Their availability and significance was very problematic at the times and resulted to them not being a major hit at the box office during those times.The early gangster films made use of rebellious figure as the main center point of the film to challenge the system and the business ethics, through which the gangsters made a successful career illegally.A gangster is a broad term that is used to generally used to refer to those people who do not operate within the boundaries of the law; for instance bank robbers, drug traffickers, underworld figures, outlaw hoodlums who are involved in constant killing of the innocent and many more.The gangster movies always tend to idolize the gangster figures with a relation to the sinister activities that always define crime and the lifestyles of the gangsters (Dirks par.1).It is no wonder then that these immigrants surrounded themselves with people of their own ethnicity and that they eventually turned to crime.Immigrants had come to America to make something of themselves, with rock hard resolve and determination many fought to succeed in the American work place.


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