Essay On Different Teaching Styles

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Learning out come of this type of teaching is that the pupils improves their error correction technique, this it can hinder the performance by the pupil thinking that they have corrected the task, but they are still wrong.

It is important sometimes to listen to external views or watch a video of their self to correct errors.

This allowed the pupil to feel comfortable and get the correct technique.

During a French lesson the teacher displayed five different work sheets ranging in difficulty and the pupils were able to start any of them.

These are general self-explanatory descriptions to indicate how teachers may conduct a lesson, as suggested by Capel, Leask & Turner (1999).

Mosston's continuum of teaching styles state that there are ten different styles that can be adopted when carrying out a lesson, each of them depend on the situation, attitude and behaviour of the pupils.

The disadvantage to the inclusion style is that some pupils have low motivation and don't strive to improve, they are comfortable with just doing the task, therefore they are not using they full ability.

The reverse can happen where a pupil is full of confidence goes out of their depth and results in a loss in confidence therefore a decline in performance.

Teaching strategies are the range of different methods to accommodate certain situations.

In a single lesson the teacher may use more than just one strategy depending on the situations that arise.


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