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The dictionary definition of authenticity is of something which is genuine, real and not copied, whilst the definition of integrity is “an adherence to moral and ethical principles and soundness of moral character” as well as a “state of being whole, entire or undiminished” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2012).Concepts of integrity and authenticity must also embody issues of ethics, memory, promotion of dark heritage, identity, trauma and sustainability within them.

more Essay written for University of York MA in Conservation Studies (Building Conservation), 2017.

In this essay I will focus on the issues of authenticity and integrity in post- war reconstruction by analysing two sites with opposing ideas of recovery.

It was determined that pub closure was fundamentally grounded in the disassociation of certain communities from the traditional pub; with the heritage industry promoting outdated and impractical methods of conservation.

This work is the first academic research paper exploring the reasons for decline and suggesting new forms of conservation.

The project also looked into the choice of material used for Blomtak; Fern and tries to understand both choice and usage in its original context.

As Blomtak is part of a large group of different roofing materials used in this country I even discuss if and in which way this diversity is represented at folk museums in Norway.

Based on what seemed to be the only Norwegian description left how to use fern as thatching material collected by professor Per Gjærder in the nineteen-seventies I made a practical attempt to thatch with fern.

To small test-fields gave me practical knowledge on both fern as a material, to collect the fern and thatching with it.

Although these two types of architectural spaces appear vastly different, both are large communities which have strict expectations placed on them.

Within both communities women play a pivotal and the majority of the population would be of a high social standing.


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