Essay On Can Computers Replace Books

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My mom works within the field of technology and computers.

It is because she sits in front of the computer all day that she has obtained injuries.

If schools replaced textbooks with computers (like an i Pad), the school would be spending $499 or more for just one i Pad.

On top of that price, the school would have to pay around $15 for each virtual textbook.

As I was reading through Achieve3000, I found an article called, “Higher Screen Time, Lower Grades.” From the article I learned that a “potential problem with electronic devices…is the way they promote multitasking.” As I read this, I realized that if students actually were to use computers rather than textbooks, it could result in students going on social media websites or simply other websites that aren’t encouraged to be on at school such gaming websites or even inappropriate sites.

As you can see, students’ concentration would be greatly decreases as a result of using a computer rather than a course book.This actually surprised me that at first, I thought it was just an opinionated statement; but they had facts to prove it to be true.The usual cost for a printed textbook is around 5, however, it can be used for a little longer than five years.I was homeschooled on the computer from 3rd grade to 7th grade.I used only online textbooks all five of those school years.The question this leads many people to ask is, should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers in the classroom?There is no doubt computers are powerful tools — after all, they are used for almost everything we do today.Concentration isn’t the only thing that’s a major concern if we use virtualized textbooks; spending is a huge problem as well.From the article, “Schools Make Cuts” from Achieve3000, I discovered that “many school districts around the country will still struggle to break even…” From this, I learned that many schools are already just barely breaking even, so if they were to replace textbooks with computers…well; it just simply isn’t realistic because it could jeopardize the school.These injuries that she has gotten are: severe back and neck pain, horrid headaches, and even eyestrain.However, these are only a few of the injuries my mother and students could get.


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