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You got me Hailie I know you miss your mom and I...

After twenty years, it’s clear that Eminem has made a legitimate claim to the throne of the greatest rapper to ever live, and has certainly cemented himself as one of the most important musicians period.

Slim intentionally does the wrong thing as a warning of the negative consequences attached to those actions.

His lyrical abuse of celebrities is an attack on the institution of celebrity as a whole, including, and especially, himself.

on Amazon Music Yeah I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now But hey, what daddy always tell you?

Essay Mockingbird Eminem Should Assault Weapons Be Banned Essay

Straighten up little soldier Stiffen up that upper lip What you crying about?

On “My Name Is,” this is ironic like the rest of the song; on “Stan,” Stan’s mimicry is a clue that the titular character doesn’t quite get the subtext of Slim Shady.

We find out in Eminem’s final verse, no longer in the Stan character, but as the lucid Marshall Mathers, that Stan drove drunk after being influenced by an uncritical interpretation of Slim Shady on “My Name Is:”Try to understand that I do want you as a fan I just don’t want you to do some crazy shit I seen this one shit on the news A couple weeks ago that made me sick Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge“The listener of “Stan” comes to realize, if they had not deduced it already, that Eminem is criticizing those who take him literally and not ironically.

It is quite complete in its treatment of the character — so much so, in fact, that it will help to lay the groundwork of further explorations. The motif of talking to children becomes a central part of some of Eminem’s work, but it is clear that at every avenue, Eminem is clearly and undeniably on the side of the child.

Through all the nightmare worlds built in his lyrics, defending children is sometimes the sole focus of his lyrics, whether he is defending them from a corrupting society that he himself embodies in Slim Shady or from their own parents.


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