Essay Liberty Means Responsibility

I believe that people are innately good and that it takes time and bad influences to make them bad.

Children need to be taught at an early age the parameters set by their society and the consequences of their actions.

Political liberty is identical with the constitutional liberty which means democratic rule.”In order to make political liberty real, the citizens will have four political rights, which are discussed below: (i) Right to vote: The citizens will have the right to vote on attaining majority to elect the legislature. Almost all the democratic countries have granted this right to the citizens, since it is the most basic element in a democracy.(ii) Right to be elected: Not only the right to vote but also the right to stand as a candidate is another important political right in a democracy.(iii) Right to periodical election: The legislatures and all representative bodies must not be permanent.

These institutions should be elected after some fixed time.

Thus in the second sense liberty is of the nature of licence, pure and simple.

This type of liberty is not possible in a modern state, where everyone has to adjust himself to the fair play of freedom of all.

Natural liberty is an unlimited and unrestricted freedom.

This concept of liberty is imaginary and cannot exist in a civilised society. Only the strong can enjoy the right in a jungle life. Might can be right in a jungle, not in a civil community. Civil liberty implies freedom enjoyed by the people in a civil society.

Stephen Butler Leacock defined political liberty as “the right of the people to choose their government which should be responsible to the general body of the people.” According to Harold J.

Laski- “Political liberty is the power to be active in affairs of the state.


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