Essay Comparing Christianity Islam And Judaism

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Mankind then is inherently evil and is in need of forgiveness of sin.

Humans are a fallen, broken race in need of salvation and repair by God.

Christians have criticized Jews for rejecting Jesus as their messiah and Jews have criticized Christians for corrupting the concept of one God and following a false messiah.

The New Testamant reports Jews persecuted Christians; after Christians became the more powerful group, they frequently persecuted Jews.

Judaism is created by Abraham 2000 BCE and his descendants of Issac and Jacob.

The Law: the 10 Commandments was given to Moses (and 600 000 Jews who left Egyptian slavery) in c, 1300 BCE to return to Israel and follow God's will.

The following chart compares the origins, beliefs and practices of Christianity and Judaism. You can scroll right to see more columns, but you'll probably have to use a larger device to have a decent view of the chart.

One God (monotheism), often called Ha Shem—Hebrew for 'The Name', or Adonai— 'The Lord'. God has always existed, none existed before him and will exist forever. By knowing right and wrong Christians choose their actions.

Christianity broadly consists of individuals who believe in the deity Jesus Christ.

Its followers, called Christians, often believe Christ is "the Son" of the Holy Trinity and walked the earth as the incarnate form of God ("the Father").


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