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The yellowish shade that's casting over him exposes light; it tricks the audience into assuming that “all is visible and clear”.

The yellowish shade that's casting over him exposes light; it tricks the audience into assuming that “all is visible and clear”.It also leads the audience to believe that Jake is definitely on his way to success. Polanski uses oblique camera angles and their disruptive balance of frames and scenes near the beginning of the film when he uses different camera shots to pull back and slowly reveal new information to us.As time progressed, the immigrants began to come more from Eastern Europe than Western, but it was still primarily only European immigrants.

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When the United States of America first came to be a nation, it was seen as a melting pot of all cultures.

As much as this was believed to be true, the cultures that were making the trek to this new nation were almost only European cultures.

I’m referring, of course, to Chinatown, a neighborhood I love to death and spend hours every weekend in. Why you want to buy it: While most people don’t have the liquid real estate required to realize the full potential of this eager amphibian, it’s hard to look at those adorable eyes and not want to help it escape the kind of living conditions you only find in New York City. The Lifeless Floating Scuba Diver What it is: A cousin and neighbor of the perpetually swimming frog (not by blood of course), the lifeless floating scuba diver is known best for its complete lack of mobility.

The toys that stand guard at the entrances to some of New York’s finest and most quality gift stores will look familiar even to the oldest of Chinatown patrons. Forever motionless and face down in the murky sink water of Chinatown, this long-since drowned scuba diver is a lesson in improper scuba diving technique.

This is an example of the stylistic device of the opposition of the light and shadows.

Though Chinatown is in color, the colors are primarily in hues of off- white, including tones of brown, gray and black.For example, Noah Cross initially comes off as a pleasant and good person, but underneath that he is a psychopath who doesn’t seem to believe that rules and laws apply to his actions.Cross is compelled to drown Mulwray and other guiltless citizens who will not be corrupted by evil.It is disorienting to us at the beginning because we are not really sure what we are seeing.He also heavily uses the stylistic device of characters whose actions are not motivated rationally.Polanski uses the thematic device of the anti-hero protagonist who is basically a good guy but who sometimes makes questionable decisions.Jake is an anti-hero who tries to help everyone and get the truth out but who makes a lot of questionable decisions.Not only that, but Asian Americans including Chinese, have begun to move from Chinatown into neighborhoods all around their cities. A., many Asians have moved into some of the most exclusive neighborhoods and have brought their culture with them.As the already established culture became more accepting of the changes that the Asians brought with them, the more the cultures diffused into one another, creating the society that we see today.Since the only prior inhabitants had been Natives, the “American” culture was essentially comprised of a combination of different European immigrants.Once the wave of Europeans calmed down, The Asians, specifically Chinese in this case, formed their own world within their own borders, calling it Chinatown.


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