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Television disadvantages: Additional cost for special programming packages, short valuable add-on. There are a few different advantages to using a digital projector over a large screen television.

Some of the advantages are better color, better picture, and sharper images.

Think of some good things about TV, such as entertainment and education.

Then, think of some bad things, such as people don't go out and exercise as much and they waste a lot of time watching.

The advantage and disadvantage mainly depends upon the one from you are using.

We can improve our knowledge by watching news and something related to that.

As a result, this essay is going to explore both the beneficial and harmful effects of television towards the society in this modern time.

Having said this, the main purposes of television are to provide information to users, entertainment, and advertisement (e, 2007).

First of all, a wireless television is superior because of its ease of setting up.

It is like connecting a computer to a wireless network as opposed to an Ethernet cable.


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