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Instead of supporting Laura emotionally, she goes out to look for quick fixes and material gains.First, she enrols her in a business school for her to earn some good fortune.

Instead of supporting Laura emotionally, she goes out to look for quick fixes and material gains.

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Amanda plays important role in Laura’s reticence and pathological shyness.

While she cannot be blamed for making her shy in the first place, she is to blame for making Laura’s continued shyness.

This complicates Tom as a character, on the whole, because the audience would be confused at who Tom really is, is he a character that should be trusted or is he one that allows his emotions to affect his judgement. Lawrence which Amanda takes away criticizing the book and its author.

Tom has two realities in which he constantly switches to and from, one is of the squalid, petty world of the Wingfield household and the slums of the shoe factory, whereas the other is filled with literature, movies writing poetry and dreams of escape, adventure, and higher things. Even though he clearly cares for them, he is frequently indifferent and even cruel toward his family.

This is unrealistic; therefore, judged from this platform, Amanda’s reminiscences are treacherous.

Throughout this play, there are different forms of music, movies, and legends.

After realizing Laura’s weakness has kept her out of school, she does not care to investigate the problem and settle it amicably; on the contrary, she resorts into finding her a fiancé.

These are uninformed decisions and she is to blame for Laura’s continued shyness.

To counter her fears, Amanda enrols Laura in a business school hoping that she would be stable; provide for her self and probably for the family.

This stems from the fact that she fears without a father; her family would be insecure. Wingfield were around, she would be financially secure.


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