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The systems approach believes that one method should be used for all management situations.This contrasts with Contingency theories, which believe that management style and philosophies should be adapted of reach individual circumstance.

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Taylorism' / 'Scientific management.' Introduction to the Evolvement of Management Theory during the 19th and 20th Century With the coming of the Industrial age at the turn of the Century, and a new era, came the need for more efficient management techniques.

Several Classical Theories evolved during the early years of this discipline.

Often there was no rationale or method for developing policy and/or worker production quotas.

Often managers set quotas that were unrealistic and this caused workers to become stressed and they were less likely to meet quotas.

The first of these theorists was George Elton Mayo who conducted experiments at the General Electric Hawthorne and was responsible for management theories called Theory X and Theory Y Maslow theorized that motivation was based on this hierarchy of needs.

Frederick Herzberg introduced the Hygiene Theory and the Motivation theory. Willliam Ouchi wrote in 1981 about the Japanese management philosophy.

Taylorism paved the way for modern management techniques.

Many of his principles seemed unusual at the time of their publication.

Taylorism seemed like the answer to all of management's problems and provided much needed information.

Its goal was not just aimed at management, but at the workers as well.


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