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Once you've learnt to do this, you will be able to make two important things clear to yourself before you start your research: Most of us spend hours reading texts that we need not have read.To avoid this you must read purposefully: you need to be clear why you're reading a particular text, what questions you need to answer, and what reading strategy is the most relevant for this purpose.

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It calls for a thoughtful approach, a little imagination and, above all, flexibility.

Unless we choose and organise its various components thoughtfully, we're likely to lose most of our best ideas, and produce work that is predictable and imitative of the ideas we've been given.

Brainstorming is a great way to kick off this process.

However, your reading skills are just as important to how well you research, as are your note-taking skills and an effective retrieval system.

Every source should be credited with the name of the author, title of the article, what journal it was found in, the date of the article, and page numbers.

Different instructors use different styles of writing. Carefully write the paper using the sources of information found as you follow your outline.It should encourage the reader to want to find out more about the topic. It should have clear direction as to where it is going and why. Create an outline from the note cards you have collected. Be precise about what you mean throughout the paper.Begin with an introduction paragraph that states the thesis. It is important to use sources, but do not plagiarize.Try not to be seduced into recording things that "might" be useful in the future.Inevitably, this results in masses of notes that obscure the main structure, which is the only means by which we can recall them in the first place. It takes time to rewrite each draft of your writing.But it has to be a good net - well constructed, with clear logical connections and free of all unnecessary material.Remind yourself that you do have a good memory if you help it with clear structures.This is time very well spent as part of your research strategy.It is not a time consuming task, yet it will help you to use more of your own ideas and avoid wasting time in your research.Research is the foundation of any essay – if you have nothing to say, how can you write an essay?!Research is a process though, with many components.


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