Essay About Individualism

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When I want to buy the latest trend of tights or leggings, I end up disappointing myself.

I can’t physically fit into most trends or they don’t look well on me. I put myself down, convincing myself I just can’t wear those really “cute” clothes.

There are many social currents that could explain and predict a person’s tendencies to commit suicide related to individualism, such as the urge to fit in.

The mental pain that comes along with not fitting in with a collective group drives people to hurt.

The urge to fit in is an unneeded duty that society requires to make everyone accepted because they then feel “normal.

” Simplified, when people want to fit in, feel accepted, and conform, problems show up.

To understand how personal, suicide can be examined.

Many people have argued that suicide is a very personal act, so much so that it only involves the will and the thought process of just the individual who commits suicide.

So, does being, or trying to be, in a collective group worth losing happiness over? Doesn’t sound too positive or happy when referred to as a mob, does it?

When people are in a group, they sometimes stop thinking and just go with the wishes of their peers. If being in a group doesn’t lead to any of those things, then the group itself has already taken control.


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