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This is one of the problems that therapists and other carers have to handle.

This is one of the problems that therapists and other carers have to handle.Empathy and sympathy are very close and are sometimes used as synonyms.

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Empathetic people are often very sympathetic - they can hardly stop themselves as they really do feel for the other person.

A person who is sympathetic but not empathetic may appear a little shallow, as they are less likely to show an emotional connection.

Empathy is a way of telling them they are not alone.

It reduces their fear thus bringing hope and confidence. ) states that memory, knowledge, knowledge and being able to feel other’s perception plays important part in empathy.

Therefore, approaching empathetically can maintain the interpersonal relationship between the health care worker and client as well as improve the effectiveness of treatment (Davis 2009, p 76).

It is important that the health care workers should feel what the patients or clients are going through providing comfort and reassuring of their lives.

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Good communication between the client and the health care worker is a vital theory within a health care setting.

Empathy is usually considered as the capability to put oneself in a situation to understand the emotions, feelings of other people.

Nowadays, empathy is considered as an effective skill for communication that is useful for both the health care worker and the client (Ioannidou & Konstantikaki 2008, p 118).


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