Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Citing Gardner (1983), Goleman (1998) identifies seven categories of intelligence.

They are: Intrapersonal, interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, visual/spatial, logical/mathematical and verbal/linguistic.

Because of their skills and competencies, they look down on other people who are not as skillful as they are, and if put in managerial positions, are more likely to command people under them rather than create work teams where strengths can be shared.

“Such characters make you wonder how people can be so smart, yet so incapable of understanding themselves and others” (p.3). (2001) emotional intelligence can not only be learnt, but can also be enhanced.

The author suggests that self-awareness produces social awareness and self control.

Emotional Intelligence Essay

The two on the other hand are responsible for breeding social skills in a person.

They suggest that the first step to developing IE is coming to terms with ones emotions.

The next step would be to deliberately guide thoughts and actions towards a particular identified path.

The manager is also responsible for putting people working under him or with him at ease.

This however is closely related to the manager’s happiness.


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