Emerson On Friendship Essay

In everyday conversations we show others that they are favored “from the highest degree of passionate love, to the lowest degree of good-will, they make the sweetness of life.” It is believed by many that our intellectual powers increase accordingly with our affection.

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The essay investigates simply how to be more open with others and gives tips on differentiating between true friends and those whom we just refer to as friends.

There are many people whom we speak to and meet on an everyday basis.

Recent conversations with friends and students about Emerson’s essay on friendship lead me to suspect that at least some of you will find Emerson’s views so strange or radical as not to be about friendship at all.

Others will be struck by his anticipations of Nietzsche, whose name I introduce here because like Nietzsche, who read him carefully, Emerson is a genealogist and refashioner of morals.

By then, since they did not stop to write their opinions, both of them were prisoned under the British parliament’s law of censorship.

At the same time, America had declared its freedom and they still continued to write their opinion about certain things.Assume that world is a friend, and every human being has one world, so every human being must have a friend.Having a friend means having the greatest gift of all, Emerson's logic ultimately proven strong and rational.Often around strangers we feel inferior as if we must speak in a way to please them as not to offend them in any way when really we should just be honest.Ralph Waldo Emerson was born 200 years after Milton was born, in the year of 1803.Just like what Emerson usually does, he begins the essay with a poem, “A ruddy drop […] sea outweighs” which relates to the sentence stated later in the same essay “I do not […] with roughest courage” (39, 44). Fighting against the obstacle together proves whether it is a true friendship or not.By beautifully writing the first two lines in the poem, he wants to ... For Emerson, as well as for us, friendship does mean the world.When “all is done,” Emerson writes, “a person of related mind, a brother or sister by nature, comes to us so softly and easily, so nearly and intimately, as if it were the blood in our proper veins, that we feel as if some one was gone, instead of another having come: we are utterly relieved and refreshed: it is a sort of joyful solitude” (CW2: 87).3 Friendships, like much of the best in life as Emerson sees it, are spontaneous and unforced.Friendship appears in a rather different context in “The Divinity School Address,” where Emerson complains that Christianity has lost the essential friendliness of Jesus’s message, so that “the friend of man is made the injurer of man.” The language “that describes Christ to Europe and America,” Emerson complains, is not the style of friendship and enthusiasm to a good and noble heart, but is appropriated and formal, – paints a demigod, as the Orientals or the Greeks would describe Osiris or Apollo […].Process is more than a subject for continuing discussion in various essays, however, for it is internally linked to many of Emerson’s most important claims: that we must learn to skate over the surfaces of life, that all ethical forms are “initial,” that language is most effectively used for “conveyance” rather than for “homestead,” that “all things good are on the highway.” While thinking about these paths of coherence among Emerson’s essays, I have at the same time been attending to the ways Emerson’s individual essays work: to their order, progression, argument, points of view.2 In this paper, I want to consider the “Friendship” essay in all these ways: to chart the course of its argument, to delineate its connections with other writings of Emerson’s, and to explore the conceptual connections between friendship and such other Emersonian concepts as self-reliance.I begin not with the “Friendship” essay itself, but with strands of Emerson’s discussion of friendship that we find in some of his other essays.


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