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She preferred not to rely on a husband for her income and security.Elizabeth Blackwell was invited to take up a teaching post in Henderson, Kentucky in 1844.

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Her father, Samuel Blackwell, was a prosperous sugar refiner in the city.

Her mother, Hannah Lane, came from a family of prosperous merchants.

Elizabeth’s elder sister At first Elizabeth Blackwell was disgusted even by the “thought of dwelling on the physical structure of the body and its various ailments”.

Her favorite subjects were history and metaphysics.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in America to be awarded a medical degree.

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She pioneered the education of women in medicine, opening her own medical college for women.Samuel’s refinery fell into financial difficulties in the depression of 1837, so he sold it and moved to the expanding town of Cincinnati, Ohio to grow sugar beet – he intended competing with the slave-intensive sugarcane industry. Just a few weeks after arriving in Cincinnati, in August 1838, Samuel died of fever. With the family’s survival at stake, Elizabeth, age 17, and her older sisters Anna and Marian started a school in their home – The Cincinnati English & French Academy for Young Ladies.The school made enough money to keep the family going until the youngest children reached maturity.She took a teaching job in a Charleston boarding school.In 1847, she moved to Philadelphia as it was her greatest wish to be accepted in one of the medical schools there. After the dean and faculty were not able to make a decision, they put the matter to vote in front of the 150 male students of the class on the condition that even if one objected, Blackwell would be denied admission. With most universities unwilling to accept her due to the bias against her sex, it was a stroke of luck which allowed Blackwell to join the Geneva Medical College in 1847. S., she also went on to help in the establishment of the first medical school for women in Britain.Know about her life and accomplishments through these 10 interesting facts..The students, thinking it was a silly joke, The male students at the Geneva Medical College treated her well.Medical students in the college used to be boisterous during lectures often passing crude remarks at the lecturer. In 1907, while holidaying in Scotland, Blackwell suffered serious injuries after falling down a flight of stairs.Elizabeth was the third of nine children in a wealthy and deeply religious family, who worshipped in an independent Protestant church.She rarely attended school but, along with her four brothers and four sisters was educated at home by private tutors and a governess.


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