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Mention the words “Costa Rica” to someone, and their minds are usually transported to a verdant tropical world, filled with exotic creatures, tree houses, zip lining through the canopies and surrounded by endless miles of beaches. Costa Rica, in many aspects, is a veritable Eden in the America’s.The positive vibes only bolster this image of a green paradise that one gets by being told that Costa Rica is a prime destination for ecotourism.Costa Rica is known worldwide as an ecotourism destination, its jungles, coastline and tropical climate attracts millions of people every year.

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Labeling a place as an ecotourism destination means that it is someplace that promotes and maintains the natural beauties and wonders of the land.

All business practices would have a little impact on the environment and locals, and tourists alike would educate on the environment.

However, as with all things, it seems that there is a delicate balancing act associated to ecotourism. A government will see a natural or human-made site is gaining the attention of tourists.

They will then seek to preserve or protect the site from further development, maintaining its status as an attraction.

There is little regarding standardized regulations when it comes to ecotourism, so there isn’t anyone setting down rules and enforcing them.

Ecotourism pretty much praises and promoted across the board within the Costa Rican government, but there is evidence to suggest that other parts of Costa Rica’s infrastructure are neglecting as a result.

Yes, the money generated by the tourism industry will indeed be great, but to ensure that there will be future for businesses and a future for nature, a significant amount of the earnings should reinvest into the infrastructure, and standardized regulations are created and enforced.

century, tourism has become the largest industry in the world, and this is now considered as the most rapidly growing industry of the world.

Commercial organizations, be large or small, were acting on the ‘Dowkin’s Principle of Self Interest.’ With such wanton and rapid growth in tourism activity, it is no wonder that the impact of largely unplanned tourism development has been felt deeply as impending on environment, ecology, and on the people or the community.

In the wake of these impacts, there is a need for the alternate tourism so that we can preserve tourism with its benefits for next generations also. Thus, sustainable tourism development has become one of the essential elements of new tourism paradigm from “mass tourism” to “sustainable tourism.” Ecotourism is now a major growth area in its own right.


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