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Drawing on David Harvey’s writings on urban process, this paper develops a theory of “waste switching” that situates EGS within a larger negotiation of space and time across city landscapes.This theory is fleshed out in case studies of the EGS industry in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee, where new cycles of accumulation have been built on refuse, toxins, and dead labor.more Il Decimo Rapporto annuale di "Sos Impresa", pubblicato il 22 ottobre 2007 in occasione dell'assemblea nazionale dell'associazione antiracket dall'eloquente sottotitolo "le mani della criminalità sulle imprese", pone per l'ennesima volta l'accento su un'emergenza che pesa come un macigno sull'economia e sulle opportunità di sviluppo civile di interi settori della società italiana.

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It examines the FIFI macroeconomic model's introduction into the French planning processes of the mid-1960s and argues that economists perform two operations, selection and qualification, which play a key role in structuring political debates on the French economy's future.

Building on archives and in-depth interviews, I show how the FIFI model was a central component of the Sixth Plan (1971-1975): it was designed to produce simulations of state intervention in the French economy and organize planning commissions debates.

The objective of this investigation was to determine the impact of a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) model of multinational oil companies (MOCs) on the fight against human trafficking in the host communities.

A total of one thousand, two hundred households were sampled across the rural communities of Niger Delta.

The Nigerian government has demonstrated significant efforts to combating human trafficking in the country by creating the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

The incidents of human trafficking in the Nigeria’s oil-producing communities have remained among the highest in the country and higher than the national average.The Nigerian government has demonstrated significant efforts to combating human trafficking in the country by creating the National...more In Nigeria, human trafficking is a hidden crime, driven by the current economic situation of the country.One of the most difficult problems to solve is selecting objectives to be used for management evaluation.An objective function based on some or all of the components of yield, species, size desirability, and environmental quality is needed.The Exxon Corporation, ob- viously responsible for the spill, focused on restoration, whereas the Trustees,...more The Exxon Valdez oil spill was the largest in US maritime history.The Exxon Valdez oil spill was the largest in US maritime history.We review post-spill research and set it in its legal context.Systems analysis and computer technology in data processing and simulation may be used in many situations to evaluate decision alternatives as an aid in developing management strategies.In many US cities, especially those in the Rust Belt, the environmental goods and services (EGS ) industry has played a significant role in the restructuring of local economies to promote new, flexible, and “creative” forms of...


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