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Economics Coursework Ib-12
Take care in writing good/correct titles to your diagrams. Use the method “1/2” or “1(2)” when numbering your pages. Have someone check all the formalia – it is very easy to become “blind”. Underline, frame or in some way highlight the passages in the article which you are using in your commentary – number these passages so you can refer to them if necessary. Do NOT use information or figures from any other source than the article being dealt with 7. It has NEVER worked and all that happens is that I pour red ink all over your iteration.Remember, I send your scripts off to be externally moderated and we want to make things easy for them! Make sure that your diagrams are neat, numbered and well referred to in the text and not simply left hanging. There is virtually 100% correlation between the weakness of a students capabilities in economics and the propensity to be really clever and inventive in diagrams.

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Did I mention that you should read the rules and IB marking criteria? As for methodology in terms of handing-in and getting feedback, that is left to your school, IB coordinator and teacher.

I have written about this in the Teacher Blog for Economics here on the OSC website.

Now you are in search of something to which you can apply these tools…so, get on the keyboard and do a search containing an adequate search string.

For example, there has been a lot of debate about the fact that the latest WTO round (the “Doha Round”) has basically stranded due to massive resistance in many OECD countries for the lowering of subsidies.

I am a teacher – so this is simply the first of three posts outlining a) the basic requirements for your economics IA portfolio; b) how to fulfil the IA criteria – plus some comments from the examiners on last year’s IA grades; and c) how to find good articles.

The latter is perhaps the most difficult and I shall take pains to link to articles on-line to use as examples.

Arguably, IB Economics may be an easier way to score good points, mainly because there are more definite and objective exam answers.

IB Business and Business Management in general include a certain degree of subjectivity in marking exam answers.

In essence, not only do you need to learn the definitions, graphs, and associated theories, you need to practice your own technique.

This applies for your internal assessment, in class quizzes and tests (if your teacher assigns them to you) and especially the final exams.


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