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A quote: "I felt like a prostitute hooking up with a roommate." Strassman reported that in her e-mail to three friends, Owen even ranked them all as sexual athletes.Her friends shared the Power Point presentation with their friends, and the whole thing became an Internet sensation - and a cautionary tale of "think before you hit 'send.'"Steve Wiley, associate professor of communication at North Carolina State University, told CBS News, "Best to assume that we're under surveillance of one form or another most of the time." Duke is embarrassed, Strassmann said.

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That program is intended for creating a visual accompaniment to a lecture, keeping audience and speaker on track by reducing the essential ideas of a complex presentation to a series of bullet-pointed phrases and concepts, the irreducible takeaway.Administrators said in a statement, "We've been reaching out to those affected by this incident and will continue to support them."Strassmann pointed out that the athletes named are furious.And Karen Owen, a 22-year-old Duke alum, may be in for some interesting questions in future job interviews. Jennifer Hartstein, a child and adolescent psychologist, and Dr.Points were awarded on the basis of physical attractiveness, sexual skills and creativity, aggressiveness, humor, and athletic ability.Oh yes, and on "the length and girth of the subjects' hardware." The paper is now a viral sensation online. "Men have engaged in this sort of behavior for time immemorial," says Dr.Clearly the very last thing Karen Owen would want is for a reader of her thesis to perceive her as a vulnerable creature whose desire for sex with campus big shots was at least partly motivated by a powerful and unmet desire for affection.But in the sheer amount of anecdotal detail, and in particular in her relentless descriptions of the anatomical shortcomings of various partners, she reveals that the thesis is motivated by the same force that has prompted women through the ages to describe with savage precision their liaisons with men who discarded them: revenge.While I admire her to talk about it openly, to send it out without thinking about what the consequences of that might be, is dangerous and potentially destructive." Gardere added, "This young woman, first of all, I don't want to put her down, I think this is really tragic what happened to her and the young men involved.A lot of her trysts involved alcohol, poor judgment. But she sent this, from what we know, initially to three friends.While I think, on one hand, it's nice [that] girls are catching up to boys and I support that, the fact it is happening indiscriminately -- she blacks out at one point -- that worries me because that happens more than not, and why aren't we addressing underlying issues." Gardere did disagree with Hartstein on one point. Now that women are being acknowledged being equal members of society, 'Women, please don't repeat the same stupid mistakes that men have made when it comes to sexual intimacy.'" Hartstein responded, "I think what is empowering to women [is] they can be as assertive and aggressive in wanting to have sex.I think that, in part, women really were kind of taught to sit back and let men take charge.


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