Drum Major Essay Questions

Drum Major – Serves as the focal point of direction for the band during performances as they assist the directors in conducting the band during games and serve as the primarily seen conductors during shows.These students put together a basket of candy for the opposing team’s band each week (with the other school’s colors).

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I felt like I had a lot to live up to because it’s mostly upperclassmen.

Its definitely a lot of how do I speak up in a way that people won’t be angry with me.

It was a weird experience because I found out the day of my audition.

I did not expect anything, but then I was getting texts from people.

Drum majors during competitions their most major role is conducting and stuff like that.

Drum Major Essay Questions

During practice, it’s a lot more micromanaging such as leading small exercises, rehearsal, warm ups and helping people be the best marchers and players they can be. Drum majors, section leaders, and band officers make up our student leaders.Our leaders are the students the directors know they can count on to keep things running smooth even when they’re busy in another area.To become a leader, students must attend the leadership camp at the end of each school year and audition.The audition process includes: Leaders are announced just before the end of the school year and are introduced to the incoming Freshmen during an orientation meeting where show music and school rented instruments are handed out. Student leaders assist the directors and students in the program.I think the total was like 8 pages, so I went in there and I think they were impressed with my written application and the sample of my conducting and the questions I answered in there.That all led to getting appointed for the position.It’s just a matter of getting used to talking to people in a way that they respect you. Going into marching band last year, as my first year, I kind of built myself on the fact that other people have been through this. This year, when I got drum major, not a lot of people are chosen for this.It is a very small amount of people and I thought what if they (band directors) made a mistake? It did take an adjustment and I was really really nervous. I know this is cliche to say, but this is like a big family.Lol.’ There were definitely a lot of different reactions. Once we started, it was a little awkward because I was trying to get people to listen to me.I know people did feel negatively about me, but it was never to my face. There were people that are two years my senior who I am supposed to lead and order around in some aspects.


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