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This makes the culture of the current world (David,2005).Social setting of relationships and frustrations are major. Conclusion Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray depicts a character that barters his soul for eternal youth, and in turn, engages in murder, scandal, and drug abuse.

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Dorian falls in love with Sibyl and later on dumps her. People find satisfaction by pursuing equality in evil or good. The powerful people in the society are feared and influence major decisions. In the current culture, people listen to powerful people and follow their decisions as well. This essay on Expository Analytical Essay (Why Picture of Dorian Gray is in the Canon) was written and submitted by user Elin K. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

People nowadays fall in love for a short time and break up due to a small misunderstanding or unimportantreason.

When Dorian damps his lover because she cannot act any more she commits suicide. Dorian wants to kill anybody who is out to expose his real personality.

An angry brother of his dead lover, Sibyl, wants to kill him because he broke heart of his sister.

Assuredly, damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences.

Wilde characterizes Lord Henry Wotton, Basil Howard, and the portrait of Dorian Gray as contributors to Dorian’s tragic downfall, which suggests influence comes with an onerous price.In most cases canonical literature is preserved to show how an old writing can be perfectly related to modern life and time. Canonical writing should also reveal people and what they can actually do.People can adapt evil or good traits depending on their adaptation and understanding.When she drops her artistic talent, Dorian discards her immediately because she no longer radiates the creative beauty he loves.Since she grasped him so tightly, losing him was more than she could bear.Canonical literature is writing that influences people decision, way of life and behavior.The writing does not age and can stand test of time. Such writings should show values that are related to real or human experiences and thoughts towards decisions and also engagement.(Daniel and Wild,2009).Perception is a vital factor, as a deep thought can be translated differently in such writing.Cultural beliefs play a great role in canonical writing. Like in the modern or real world, people are divided into many groups that define the line of separation. For the rest of his life, he cannot find true love and becomes marred with guilt and other ill behaviors. Dorian’s realization of his own beauty because of the portrait. The novel is situated in the influential late-eighteenth century where a pure soul practically cannot elude the deleterious guidance of English society. The fall of the protagonist Dorian Gray depicts the way in which individuals are susceptible to deterioration by way of foreign factors.


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