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Therefore, you want to look at society for difficulties, concerns, select groups of people, and situations that are not going quite right.

Therefore, you want to look at society for difficulties, concerns, select groups of people, and situations that are not going quite right.You have your own interests and causes you believe in.

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Some recommendations for a qualitative dissertation problem statement include: No matter in which theoretical domain your dissertation will be placed, make sure to substantiate it with preliminary literature research and include it early in the dissertation to provide a sufficient context for documentation of research gaps.

It is mostly recommended to include the statement of a problem dissertation at the beginning of the research report.

Envisioning the statement of the problem as a dissertation’s key point urges all beginning researchers to dedicate much time and effort to making your problem statement ideal.

Nevertheless, some unresolved matters persist, and it is still quite ambiguous for many students.

Hence, it usually follows the background of the problem in dissertation, the starting section of the introduction chapter.

The study’s background usually serves to provide a summary of results obtained in previous empirical studies on your topic (or closely related topics) and determines the need for further analysis.

After such a thorough background description, the place for your problem statement is ideal.

After summarizing what has been done on your topic thus far, you may freely discuss the issue itself, the population affected by that problem, and the contribution that your planned study may make to solving that problem.

Always check your chapter for these elements, since they are the gist at which your dissertation committee is sure to look when assessing your draft and giving you the go-ahead with your further work: Keep in mind that research experts agree on the ability of a good statement to pinpoint the outcomes you are aiming at as a result of your research completion.

In a nutshell, any statement of such a kind answers the questions “what, where, when, and how much.” Writing a qualitative dissertation is essentially different from making quantitative research; however, this does not play such a decisive role in the problem statement section overall.


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