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Applicants should submit a sample (a feature or pilot) and a one-page statement as to why they are interested in this class.

The instructor will also be reaching out to applicant’s former or current instructors to find out how they performed in their workshop.

Martin did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Whitaker co-wrote the retracted paper at Ohio State with her supervisor there, who said he was not aware of any inappropriate data manipulation.

But some prominent scholars came to her defense at the time, saying she'd been sacrificed to protect the more senior faculty member.

If the university “wants to take a degree away from a former student,” it must file suit in court, “not rely on a [] ad hoc process with little or no real due process,” the attorneys added. With Martin’s endorsement, Orr says, she presented and defended her dissertation to a committee of five Texas professors.

Sergi and Kawaja said Orr has “always defended her research, and is frustrated that [Texas] chose support an academic who was, in our opinion, trying to shift the blame for his missteps to our client.” They said that it’s “time to wake up to the fact that they have to hold faculty accountable for their own failures.” Orr’s dissertation was about synthesis and analysis of organic molecules. A paper based on Orr’s work was submitted to a journal three years later, in 2011. She was promptly demoted from tenure-track professor to lecturer at the University of Arizona.

An independent research project based on primary data, resulting in a written summary of theoretical foundations, methodological approach, results, and a discussion.

All Media Studies thesis must have a faculty thesis supervisor in RTF.

Texas nevertheless tried to revoke her degree twice.

Orr sued each time, arguing that she wasn’t given the opportunity to defend herself against the misconduct claim and that her former professor is to blame for her situation.


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