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When describing these characteristics, Swales notes several things.

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Together these features of ESP practice emphazise a situated view of literacy and underline the applied nature of the field.

The teaching of literature has recently been resurrected as a vital component of English language teaching.

He then gives an example and discusses further issues regarding the concept of a discourse community.

To begin his argument, Swales touches on all of the past definitions of what a discourse community is.

It does not examine how the discourse on globalization is articulated and worked out ...

The field of English for specific purposes (ESP), which addresses the communicative needs and practices of particular professional or occupational groups, has developed rapidly in the past forty years to become a major force in English...

Discourse communities develop around the genres upon which it establishes itself.

Lexis is essentially a compilation of vocabulary, so each community has its own terminology specific to that group.

For discourse communities, they express ideologies and provide meanings that can be translated into action. For discourse communities, they express ideologies and provide meanings that can be translated into action. The discourse of person-centered medicine has had a vigorous start, with identifiable leaders, a vocabulary which has situated meanings, institutions such as meetings, letterheads and a college and a group of adherents that constitute a discourse community.

more Discourses are more than just patterns of words.


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